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Welcome to QRQuickCodeGenerator.com

Welcome to QR Quick Code Generator! This site is a free QR code generator that allows you to create QR codes with just your mouse and keyboard. QR, or quick response codes, are fully customizable and can lead cell phone QR code readers to any website or message of your choosing. They can also open up text messaging and e-mail programs so people can contact you easily. You don't need to encode any data. Just select the type of message you would like the scanning phone to display and type in your message, address or information and we'll do the rest for you.

You know who we are but who are you? Did you stumble upon us by accident after asking Google "what is a QR code?" Do you need some background information on QR barcodes? For articles on what quick response codes are, where they come from and how they have affected the world of marketing in a substantial way, visit our QR Code Introduction page. Maybe you know all about the QR barcode technology but you don't know where to look to find them. For articles on the uses of custom QR codes consult our Where to Use QR Codes page. If you represent a company you might be here to find out how you can make QR codes work in your favor. For articles on using custom QR codes in a successful marketing campaign take a look at our QR Code Marketing page. Finally, for information on similar technologies including augmented reality, Near Field Communication, data matrix and MS Tags, check out our articles on Other Technology.

We are dedicated to offering you a free QR code generator allowing you to create QR codes and use them as you please. There are few places on the internet where you will find a free QR code creator that is so user-friendly and accompanied by useful information solely for the benefit of you, the user. After you generate QR codes, if you want to put your QR code somewhere just right click, select Save Image As and choose the desired location for your file. Learning to generate QR codes is easy, and it just got even easier. With QR Quick Code Generator you can embed URLs, SMS messages, e-mail addresses, phone numbers or text. Many free QR code generators only allow you to create QR codes with one or two of these options.

The knowledge does not stop there either. QR Quick Code Generator adds content regularly for your benefit. Stop by our blog. We have an excellent writer named Steve who writes a new post using his QR expertise about once a week. He will be answering all questions from "what is a QR code" to the more complex QR topics.