Create A Successful Marketing Campaign With QR Codes

Quick Response (QR) codes are growing in popularity, as they are an instrumental way for sharing information from one source to another. Similar to a USB scannable barcode, QR codes are two-dimensional and contain much more information than USB codes. QR codes are designed in a matrix style and can convert a website URL or other information into an easy to scan code readable by smart phones. Easily downloaded and installed on smart phones, there are several types of scannable QR code reading applications. These apps enable users to access the codes and the data they contain. Those with Android based phones will find there are many free apps available in the Android marketplace that will enable their phones to read QR codes. There things are needed to access QR codes: a phone with a camera, access to the Internet, and a bar code scanner app installed on the phone.

One of the greatest advantages to QR codes is that they are open source and easily created. QR codes hold tremendous possibilities and uses for creative marketing campaigns as business owners can drive customers to products, resources, videos and other online material simply by including the code in a visible location. Those who wish to utilize successful marketing campaigns incorporating QR codes will find that there is an infinite amount of ways in which to use them. They are an excellent way in which business owners can conveniently engage customers to discover additional products. Due to the open source nature of the technology, QR codes are a cost effective tool that can have positive results on any marketing campaign.

Originating in Japan, QR codes continue to be popular in the technologically driven nation and are becoming increasingly popular in the United States, Canada, and Europe.  In order to read a QR code, your phone must have an app installed, making it easy to read. Numerous industries use QR codes and they have their start with the auto giant, Toyota. Auto makers in the U.S.A. have incorporated QR codes in their advertising campaigns as well. Hollywood is including the codes in their scripts. Today, it is common to see QR codes on products, in higher learning institutions, used by teachers, in libraries, in airports through the TSA, and on websites. Even the U.S. Department of State has its own QR code. There use is not limited to businesses and retailers either as governments are incorporating them as well. 

 As more industries have tapped into these bits of data holding codes, a growing number of businesses have recognized the potential they hold for marketing campaigns. Found frequently on business cards, QR codes make it simple and easy for an interested party to scan a card and get further information on a business or individual. As many business cards are small and advertising and text space is limited, QR codes can allow businesses to incorporate information into their cards in an efficient manner. Non-profits are recognizing the impact that QR codes hold in their marketing strategies as well.

Some ideas for implementing QR codes in a successful marketing campaign include using them on websites to promote other services, included in newsletters or emails, or to convert large materials into easy to read, downloadable formats. For example, businesses with items such as catalogs, menus, or even books can convert these items into online formats that are easily accessed, scanned, or downloaded by using QR codes. Frequently seen in print advertisements of all industries and businesses, QR codes provide a much-needed service that brings content rich information to visitors and serves business marketing needs in a timely and efficient manner.

QR codes also hold global or international marketing possibilities as users may implement several different QR codes in their campaign strategies geared towards different languages. As a flyer, business card or marketing campaign poster or mail insert is printed in one language (possibly two if you print on both sides); most businesses are limited to one marketing tool per language. By adding multiple QR codes to materials that directs clients to websites in their language, you can double, if not triple, your advertising reach. One business card or flyer written in one solitary language can attract potential customers from other languages. The possibilities to using QR codes in creative marketing campaigns are nearly endless. QR codes can easily take a consumer to a Facebook page or group where they can like and receive additional promotions and offers.

One popular use of QR codes in marketing campaigns is that of the scavenger hunt. Children and adults alike enjoy the QR code scavenger hunt and these can be used in a variety of ways. You can create marketing strategies that incorporate scavenger hunts utilizing posters, flyers, CD covers, that take a user through a maze of Internet sites or brick and mortar locations. Scavenger hunts are an excellent way to get visitors into locations or websites they may otherwise never accessed.

Another use is for storeowners to add QR codes to their window displays.  As stores our closed, QR codes can direct passersby to access the online version of the store and continue shopping.

Restaurants can see amazing results with QR codes. A menu may feature a QR code, or it may be applied to labeling, such as with wine bottles. Restaurant patrons can access further information regarding their meal or wine, including offers, discounts, and promotions while still seated at the table waiting for their food to arrive. As more restaurants find that QR codes can increase sales and improve business, others are taking notice and following suit. As QR codes can provide a direct and fast link to a restaurant’s Facebook page, their impact is great. Imagine a waiter or server telling a patron to like them on Facebook when they get home, as opposed to someone waiting for their meal, browsing through a menu, scanning the QR code and instantly arriving at the Facebook page. This increases the amount of Facebook likes a business receives and takes less than one minute to accomplish. QR codes are an important aspect of a business’ marketing strategy.